Who makes inroads?


Community Workers. Healthcare Providers. Researchers. Advocates. Donors. People who need abortions. Journalists. Activists. From over 95 countries and 800 organizations, inroads members are creating new interventions, attending meetings, sharing their work in inroads member spotlights, implementing inroads Partnership Fund-supported projects , discussing and collaborating on the inroads Collaboration Workspace.

With every new event and stigma intervention, new members join and start making inroads on stigma in important and vibrant ways


The network staff convene the network activities and support members to make inroads on abortion stigma. Working from remote offices across the globe, the staff travel globally and collaborate remotely to engage with inroads’ diverse and dispersed membership.

Katie Gillum

Katie Gillum

inroads Executive Director

Katie Gillum sets the vision and agenda for this vibrant global network. She relies and focuses on the needs and expertise of network members and the Steering Committee to ensure the network vision and agenda is relevant to members and practically useful for ending the stigma and discrimination associated with abortion. When planning activities and processes, Katie works with the team to remain grounded in the purpose of this network and making sure our processes are aligned with the network values. She is responsible for strategic program management and providing key oversight and design strategy for inroads systems, programs, processes and tools. Katie leads inroads external partnerships, including donor relationships and inroads’ presence at conferences and events, and authors opinions and editorials for publications. Katie sits on the inroads Steering Committee as a non-voting member and also supervises the inroads Communications Strategy and the two lovely inroads Program and Communications Specialists.

She came to the role after serving as Campaign Co-Convenor for the Abortion Rights Campaign in Ireland. Katie ran research and strategy at Mule Design Studio; was Managing Director of Disposable Film Festival; and has led media and arts engagement initiatives producing advocacy films and content including an award-winning film addressing abortion stigma.

Kati LeTourneau

Kati LeToureau

inroads Research and Operations Director

Kati LeTourneau manages the day-to-day operations of inroads, including membership, the inroads Collaboration Workspace and listerv, travel support and technical assistance processes, and the various budget and grant management processes inside of inroads’ host organization, Ipas. She also manages the inroads Partnership Fund, and gets great joy from supporting members around the world to try innovative stigma-busting projects. Kati is responsible for the research and evaluation components of inroads, which includes both evaluating the impact of the different network activities (have you ever completed a survey after a gathering or a webinar? She synthesizes these responses and uses your input to plan for future activities), and sifting through the research about what works to reduce stigma as it emerges. Kati also coordinates the inroads Global Steering Committee, and sits on the Network Impact Working Group of the Steering Committee.

Prior to inroads, Kati provided training and technical assistance to abortion-providing clinics for Planned Parenthood when medical abortion was being rolled out across the United States. She has also worked on evaluation and training for research and program delivery on adolescent and reproductive health.

Aditi Pinto

Aditi Pinto

Aditi is one half of the inroads Program and Communications duo. She is energetic and committed about written and oral storytelling, agricultural and environmental histories, social justice and feminist movements, traditional knowledge sharing especially arts & music exchange. She grew up in Mumbai, India, but in the last decade has spent several years living in North & South America and currently lives in rural India. She has experience working with La Via Campesina rural social movement and Jagori-Grameen feminist organization. For any communication in Spanish, Hindi, basic isiXhosa and any language with similar roots to those mentioned, feel free to reach out to Aditi.

Paige Fulton

Paige Fulton

Paige is the other half of the Program and Communications duo at inroads. Originally from the southern United States, she has been a collective member, fundraiser, and facilitator for the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project, Virginia's only full-spectrum abortion fund that supports leadership of color. Paige approaches busting abortion stigma from a reproductive justice framework, valuing interSectionality, racial justice, grassroots organizing, creativity, self-determination, and reproductive health for all genders. Reach out to Paige if you want to talk about your art, your dreams of collective liberation, and your strategies for ending abortion stigma in your community. She is currently based in Mexico City and is happy to interact in Spanish and English.

Sheila Odongo

Sheila Odongo

Sheila is the Member Support Specialist at inroads. She is very passionate about sexual reproductive health and rights and particularly about universal access to safe abortion. She has over the past 6 years at Marie Stopes Kenya, worked with health care providers from all cadres in urban and rural populations of Kenya to increase access to abortion pills. She is a trained PSW (Provider Share Workshop), VCAT (Value Clarification and Attitude Transformation and PBCC (Provider Behavior Change and Communication) facilitator. She has taken lead in organizing, planning, implementing and facilitating PSWs, health care provider trainings and both national and regional product launches across Kenya. She has also supported people from different parts of the world at safe2choose as an online abortion counselor, offering information before, during and after the abortion, using client relationship management software and a live chat tool. She lives in Kenya and communicates in English, Swahili, Luo and basic French.

Steering Committee

Self-Managed Abortion Seat

Kinga Jelinska

Kinga Jelinska

Women Help Women

Kinga Jelinska is the Executive Director of international activist non-profit Women Help Women. She works on programs about abortion pills and community empowerment with aim to de-stigmatize self-managed abortions and community models of provision of information and services.

North America Seat

Melissa Madera

Melissa Madera

The Abortion Diary Podcast, Project SANA

Melissa Madera is the founder of The Abortion Diary Podcast, and the Senior Project Manager and Research Fellow for Project SANA (self-managed abortion needs assessment) at the University of Texas, Austin. Her own abortion experience as a teenager inspired her to create The Abortion Diary. She is committed to centering the voices of people who have had abortion experiences, and creating safe, supportive, and inclusive environments for them in activist and advocacy spaces.

As a multimedia historian, full-spectrum doula, and bilingual reproductive justice educator, she also works from a Reproductive Justice perspective to destigmatize all experiences related to SRHR. Melissa has several degrees, including an MA and Ph.D. in Latin American and Caribbean History from The State University of New York at Binghamton in the USA.

Africa Seat

Jedidah Maina

Jedidah Maina


Jedidah Maina is the Deputy Director at Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health (TICAH), a non-profit trust organization in Kenya. She works with grassroots women creating safe spaces for frank conversations about sex and sexuality, and using our collected experiences to influence policy and program change and to increase access to medical abortion across sub-saharan Africa.

Latin America and the Caribbean Seat

María Luisa Sánchez-Fuentes

María Luisa Sánchez-Fuentes

Collaborations with Clínica Medieg & co-founder of Clacai and CAMILE

María Luisa Sánchez-Fuentes is a consultant; she encourages more options to destigmatizing and normalizing abortion: self-managed, remote care in public and private services, removing barriers beyond the first trimester and the overregulation of abortion services. She has extensive experience in advocacy and abortion care provision. In her many roles in this work, she promotes safe and quality of care in private services with a gender perspective and a human rights approach. María Luisa is the co-founder of Clacai, the Latin American Consortium against unsafe abortion; and CAMILE, the Collective of Mexican Associations for the Legal Termination of Pregnancy; and also collaborates Clínica Medieg.

Europe Seat

Marietta Wildt

Marietta Wildt

Advocacy Officer Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung

Marietta Wildt works as Advocacy Officer for DSW where she focuses on youth, gender, and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Passionate about youth participation, her background is in youth-led advocacy, like in her former position as Director of Public Relations with the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning. Marietta graduated with an MA and MSc in Global Studies from universities in Poland, Canada and Denmark.

Youth Seat

Kader Avonnon

Kader Avonnon

Association Béninoise pour la Promotion de la Famille (ABPF/IPPF)

Kader Avonnon is a Youth Program Officer Assistant at ABPF/IPPF. He is a mentor, youth abortion training facilitator, and abortion policy advocate. He has consulted for FIGO to access the needs for safe abortion advocacy in Benin, and has been working with young people to reduce abortion stigma for five years. Kader is passionate about amplifying the voices of young people in his community and developing their leadership, and has trained young people, teachers, and students to address abortion stigma in situations that directly affect youth.

Institutional Seat

Laura Hurley

Laura Hurley

IPPF & Safe Abortion Action Fund

Laura Hurley works as a Technical Adviser on Youth at the Central Office of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). For the past four years her role has included providing technical assistance to a programme addressing abortion stigma as it affects young people’s access to services. In 2019 she will be providing maternity cover as a Programme Adviser on the Safe Abortion Action Fund based in IPPF; supporting local and grassroots organizations around the world to implement projects focused on safe abortion.

Network Research and Evaluation Seat

Kristen Shellenberg

Kristen Shellenberg


Kristen Shellenberg is a research scientist at Ipas who collaborates with colleagues and partners all around the world to further our understanding and measurement of abortion stigma; design, implement, and evaluate stigma reduction efforts at multiple levels o\f society; and generally works to ensure that women get the abortion experience they want, need and deserve – in or out of the formal health system.

Development and Sustainability Seat

Madeleine Belfrage

Madeleine Belfrage

School of Social Sciences, The University of Queensland

Madeleine Belfrage is a current PhD candidate focused on abortion stigma at University of Queensland in Australia. She has a Masters in Development Practice, and experience working in development for a women’s rights organization in Mexico; designing, evaluating and fundraising for projects about abortion access and stigma reduction. She values creativity, collaboration, and is committed to reflecting about interSectionality, reproductive justice and decolonial practices in our lives and work.

Asia and the Pacific Seat

Suchitra Dalvie

The Asia Safe Abortion Partnership

Suchitra Dalvie is a practicing Gynecologist, and the Coordinator and co-founder of the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership, the only regional network in South and South East Asia working on safe abortion rights advocacy for youth and healthcare providers in the region. Throughout her career of over 20 years, she has been a fierce advocate to end stigmas based on gender discrimination, sex determination and selective abortions in South Asia.

Clinical Provider Seat

Francis Makiya

Medical Rights Watch, Global Doctors for Choice, The Coalition for the Prevention of Unsafe Abortion (COPUA)

Francis Makiya is a doctor, abortion provider, the vice chairperson of Medical Rights Watch at the University of Malawi, and member of Global Doctors for Choice and COPUA. Francis is an activist and experienced policy advocate with a focus on ending violence against women and girls. He is passionate about primary care, health rights, ending abortion sigma and promoting safe abortion, and works to address intersecting stigmas at all levels of society that limit access to those seeking clinical services in Malawi.

Legal and Human Rights Seat

Joanna Erdman

Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University

Joanna Erdman is a community-engaged academic and advocate. Her work focuses on human rights and abortion law and policy, with a critical take on how law creates and reflects relations and structures of social life and power, including stigma, from the perspectives of those most directly affected by it. She seeks to create research that matters to the lives of people, and that can lead us toward more just and inclusive societies.

inroads Staff Ex-officio Seat

Katie Gillum


Network Host

Ipas is the founding host organization of the network, providing support to the network operations through financial, development, human resources, communications, and staffing support to the network.

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