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October 14 2020, 2:30 PM GMT, 10:30 AM ET, 20:00 PM IST

inroads indepen-dance party!

As of September 1 2020, inroads is a full independent non-profit organisation. After 6 years of partnership, inroads will no longer be hosted by Ipas. The members of inroads are why the network exists: to share resources, energy and collaborations in order to take on entrenched stigma and discrimination. We want to celebrate this new step with all of us! Please register below for the inroads Indepen-dance (a virtual celebration) on October 14 2020, 14:30 GMT.

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Past Webinars

Spacious Solidarity 2: Follow Up

In English

For everyone who registered for the Spacious Solidarity talk about acompanying abortions during Covid-19 back in April. 

Isabel Perez, who facilitated the open house on the western hemisphere, will be joining us again to host a follow-up talk with members. This open forum will discuss challenges and solutions that have come up as we all adjust to the “new normal” of even more limited resources and social distancing. 

Last time we covered a range of topics, and would like to continue. 

  • Updates since last call about challenges and opportunities that have emerged for doulas and acompañantes and people who have abortions in the past few months
  • Security: talk about how to setting up a space that is supportive and secure for people who do this work
  • What does mutual support look like as a group? What do we want to get from these meetings?
  • Inroads member Doula Training 

This time, we will also have space for spanish peaking members and english speaking members to share and discuss among themselves, and share back with the group. 

En Español

Para todos los que se inscribieron en la plática de “Spacious Solidarity” en el abril, que se trataba de acompañamiento en el tiempos del Covid-19.

Isabel Pérez, quien facilitó la del hemisferio occidental, se unirá a nosotros nuevamente para organizar una segunda plática con los miembros. Este foro abierto discutirá los desafíos y las soluciones que han surgido a medida que todos nos adaptamos a la “nueva normalidad” de mantenerse distancia y tener recursos aún más limitados.

La última vez cubrimos una variedad de temas y nos gustaría continuar. Posibilidades: 

  • Actualizaciones desde la última convocatoria sobre los desafíos y oportunidades que han surgido para las doulas y acompañantes y las personas que han tenido un aborto en los últimos meses.
  • Seguridad digital: hable sobre cómo crear un espacio que brinde apoyo y sea seguro para las personas que realizan este trabajo.
  • ¿Cómo se ve el apoyo mutuo como el grupo? ¿Qué queremos obtener de estas reuniones?
  • Doula Training por miembros 

Esta vez, también tendremos espacio para miembros para compartir y discutir entre ellos en ingles o español, y luego compartir con el grupo.

BYOQ: new inroads Technical Assistance and Covid Emergency Funding

Inroads now has three COVID related resources that are available on a rolling basis:

  1. COVID Emergency Funding for communication and connection related needs
  2. Share your skills by joining inroads pool of compensated Technical Assistance providers
  3. Request Technical Assistance for your stigma busting org

There is more information about each of these on the main page of our website! Please join us on Wednesday 8 July as we answer any and all questions you may have about how to apply for any of these resources at our BYOQ.

BYOQ: inroads COVID related resources

In June and July, inroads has open on a rolling basis three COVID related resources: 1) inroads COVID Emergency Funds 2) Request inroads TA or/and 3) Join inroads pool of TA providers! There is more information about each of these on the main page of our website!

At the same time, on Wednesday 10 June, inroads staff is hosting a BYOQ (Bring Your Own Question) Webinar for members to learn about and ask questions around these inroads COVID related resources.

Spacious Solidarity 2: Accompanying Abortions in times of COVID 19

Note: The timing of this session is preferable for people in the Eastern hemisphere.

In the second open house, Ika Ayu of Indonesia invites members to talk about challenges, ideas and suggestions around Accompanying abortions in times of COVID 19. This session is open to everyone whether or not you work as a doula or acompaṇante. This is a learning and dialogue space so please do bring your head and hearts!
We hope you can join the conversation!

Spacious Solidarity 1: Accompanying abortions in times of COVID 19

Note: The timing of this session is more suitable to members in the Western Hemisphere!

In the first open house, Isabel Perez of Argentina invites members to talk about challenges, ideas and suggestions around Accompanying abortions in times of COVID 19. This session is open to everyone whether or not you work as a doula or acompaṇante. This is a learning and dialogue space so please do bring your head and hearts!
We hope you can join the conversation!

Abortions and Disability Stigma

Join Women Spaces Africa (Kenya) and Alliance for Choice (Northern Ireland) as they share experiences of their work to bust Abortions & Disability Stigma through an inroads webinar.

Here is a little bit more about the work that will be shared!

“The Voice Project” by Women Spaces Africa

Girls and young women with Disability especially in Kenya’s urban slums often could not obtain even the most basic information about Safe abortion contributing to its stigma. Women Spaces Africa (WSA) has continuously articulated against this dominant narrative by giving voice and power to Girls and Women with disabilities. WSA being a Women Disability led organization is uniquely positioned to bring the real, first-hand experiences of girls and women living with disabilities and their struggles and to enjoy reproductive rights and multifaceted stigma surrounding their sexual and reproductive needs. This is achieved through implementing the “My Voice Project” which has impacted significantly in reducing abortion stigma through GWWDs meaningful involvement and participation “Nothing about us, without us”.

“Abortion and Disability: The Whispered Conversation” by Alliance for Choice

These sessions are open and honest discussions about reproductive justice for people with disabilities. Abortion stigma exists in many forms as does disability stigma. We challenge abortion stigma through including disabled women’s lived experience and promoting a broader understanding of the relationship between disability and abortion rights.

These human rights do not compete. There is no contradiction between a woman’s right to reproductive choices and a disabled person’s right to independent living choices. However, we also acknowledge that different disabled women will have different requirements in relation to abortion rights and reproductive justice.

Second trimester medical abortions. A feminist study by the Socorristas; Presentation of the English version

*UPDATE: Wednesday 6 November | 9 AM EDT |1 PM UTC

Through this research project, the authors (Ruth Zurbriggen, Nayla Vacarezza, Graciela Alonso, Belen Grosso, María Trpin) expand knowledge on what for some is a controversial issue: Medical abortion during the second trimester of pregnancy. Based on their extensive  practice of providing information and accompanying later abortion, the Socorristas have developed this text, which systematically captures their experience and knowledge on the topic. 

The book presents the experiences and reflections of 23 women who had second-trimester medical abortions and 16 feminist activists who support and accompany this practice.

The study was conducted by Colectiva La Revuelta, which is part of Socorristas en Red, the national Socorrista network in Argentina. The English translation was supported by Women Help Women and inroads. Join Nayla Vacarezza and Susan Yanow as they present the English version of this research book to inroads members!

Creative Counter-culture: music, radio and edutainment for busting abortion stigma

Join inroads members from Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria and Pakistan as they share their experiences working with creative media and tools to bust abortion stigma and shift cultural views. Hear from members who were awarded inroads seed or iPF grants to work on radio programs, music recordings and edutainment to engage with people in their local and national contexts. Challenges and inspiring successes abound – come with questions and ideas! Featuring: WETEC (Kenya), Governance Links (Tanzania), GIWYN (Nigeria) and Peace Foundation (Pakistan).

Building an authentic abortion movement in South Korea: busting stigma with Na Young and Dr. Yoon

Join the conversation with inroads members Na Young and Dr. Yoon of the The Sexual and Reproductive Rights Forum and the Joint Action for Reproductive Justice in South Korea, who played a leading role in the movement that worked towards the monumental court decision on April 11 2019 when the law criminalizing abortion was declared unconstitutional. We will hear about how the movement for abortion built up in South Korea, how an understanding was built of their authentic struggle in order to bust stigma and also how global solidarity played an important role.