Sharing Abortion Stories Through the Arts for Healing


The latest conversation is between Omodele Ibitoye (Initiative to Resist Institutional Slavery and Exploitation (iRISE), Nigeria) and Maja Dimitrijevic (Serbian Association for Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), Serbia). These two inroads members have been working in refugee contexts to provide psychosocial counselling and also using arts based methods such as theatre and voice to create a space for people to narrate their abortion stories. Tune in to listen to their experiences, questions, and dreams and join in the conversation for a stigma-free world!

The session was on May 6 @ 130 PM UTC, 230 PM WAT, 330 PM CEST

About the Hosts

Maja Dimitrijevic

Maja works as a Program Assistant with organizational, program, and fieldwork focus at the Serbian Association for Sexual and Reproductive Health ( an IPPF member). 

She has been involved for 10 years in different types of work and activities related to human, women rights and gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and now with the focus on sexual and reproductive rights. Maja has a lot of experience in the systematic coordination of project activities related to migrant/refugee crises. In the last couple of years, Maja more specifically works on addressing issues related to sexual and reproductive health and rights through managing project activities and strengthening dialogues and partnerships with different national, regional, and international nongovernmental stakeholders. 

Giving the experience she provided psychosocial and educational session support for vulnerable groups on which work she is very proud.

OMODELE IBITOYE EJEH, is an activist , a Counseling teacher with about 19 years of counseling experience . Omodele is the coordinator of One Billion Rising in Nigeria, she is the Founder of Initiative to Resist Institutional Slavery and Exploitation (IRISE), an organization that focuses on women’s sexual rights , reproductive health including women’s rights to safe abortion ,gender based violence. Through Counseling her work has been able to help girls and women in rural, urban and crises areas tell their abortion stories for the purpose of emotional healing, in  collaborations with local governments, faith based organisations, grassroot organisations, international organisations, and women leaders, the organisation works to Influence policy, and achieve shifts in practice. Omodele has been actively working with women, girls, and communities against gender based violence and stigma around abortion.

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